12-year-old Archie Battersby dies after ending life support

12-year-old Archie Battersby was made the choice by a British court

to end the existence of a harmed brain, defying the Guardians' battle

to keep him alive. Parents also will not remove the child from the

clinic and keep him in a hospice where he can receive palliative treatment.

Archie Battersby, who had been unaccompanied since supporting a

physical problem at the family home in April, died on Saturday

evening after the end of life support.

Archie's mom, Holly Dance, said, "It is with my deepest compassion

and sadness that Archie passed away at 12:15 today." "Such a lovely

young man. Besides, he fought right till the end and I am so happy to be his mother."

The Young Peoples, Holy Dance and Paul Battersby made futile

requests against the abolition of existential support in Britain's most

notable courts and the European Court of Human Rights. However, the ECHR will not accept the case:

"The court [...] decided not to seek a break remedy. It likewise chose

to declare the complaints of the candidates as prohibited," the ECHR

said in a clarification following an application on Wednesday.

"As a result, the court will not hinder the options of the public courts to

allow the continuation of life-supporting treatment from AB."

Parents said there was an option to take the child out of the

emergency clinic and put him in a hospice to cut the dust, but this request was also denied.