Formula one news: Oscar Piastri selected and Daniel Ricciardo

One of the most prolific young gifts in motorsports roared into a

massive settlement debate this week, and it could leave one of

Formula One's most celebrated drivers with no action next season.

Oscar Piastri, who is currently the hold/test pilot in the Alpine F1

group, was reported on Tuesday as one of the group's two required

drivers for the 2023 season. Anyway, about 30 minutes after

Alpine's official statement, Piasti wrote on Twitter that he had no

agreement with Alpine for the 2023 season and called the official statement "incorrect".

Rumors were swirling that 21-year-old Piastri had actively protected

the 2023 arrangement with the McLaren F1 group, which is currently

battling with Alpine for fourth position in the 2022 constructors'

standings. There was credence in those bits of gossip, as the racer

detailed on Friday that McLaren was in a holiday chat with eight-

time race winner Daniel Ricciardo and felt it had enough agreement with Piastri.

Meanwhile, Alpine also acknowledges that it has a substantial

agreement with Piastri for 2023, telling Racer that he believes he

claims to have declared Piastri "legally correct."

Anyway, will Piastri make his F1 debut in 2023 and for which group?

Furthermore, what is the significance here for Ricciardo, whose

violent profession is portrayed to a limited extent by the famous Netflix fiction "Drive to Survive"?