Britney Spears' youngster children decide 'not to see her,' their father Kevin Federline says

Britney Spears' children have kept away from the "Poisonous" artist

for quite a long time, as indicated by their father, Kevin Federline.

Preston, 16 and Jayden, 15 even chosen not to go to their mom's

wedding — her third — to Sam Asghari this spring as the 40-year-old

pop star overwhelmed titles and habitually posted bare photographs of herself on the web, Federline told

"The young men have concluded they are not seeing her at this

moment," K-Fed said. "It's been a couple of months since they've

seen her. They pursued the choice not to go to her wedding."

Federline, 44, told the power source he and his children were

irritated about a claim Spears evened out on Instagram in April

blaming him for declining to meet with her when she was pregnant

with one of their children. Federline took steps to sue his ex over the since-erased proclamation.

"This situation has been difficult to watch, harder to survive, harder

to watch my young men go through than anything more," the

reinforcement artist purportedly said to describe the new media

carnival encompassing the November end of her conservatorship.

"It's been extreme. It's the most difficult thing I've at any point needed to do in my life."