Former NBA player Iman Schumpert arrested on marijuana possession and felony charges

10-year NBA veteran and "Hitting the Dance Floor With the Stars"

champion Iman Schumpert was caught on Saturday, July 30 on

charges of weed ownership at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport.

According to TMZ, Schumpert was in control of 6.12 ounces of a

"greenish substance" that tested positive for pot using a portable test.

Schumpert, 32, was then handcuffed and taken to the Air Terminal Jail.

Here's the most recent take on Schumpert's capture.

Iman Schumpert captures the news, refreshes

TMZ detailed that police responded to a possible drug violation call

when TSA screeners found a plastic sack filled with "green stuff."

According to reports, Schumpert believed that the substance under his control was weed.

Despite that 6.12 ounces of weed, Schumpert is said to have had a

Glock magazine and 149mm bullets under his control, yet he did not have a gun.

Schumpert is reportedly being charged with a "state prison felony"

that could face up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Schumpert was sent to the Air Terminal Jail without incident.

As the reports indicated, Schumpert told police that he was on his

way to Los Angeles to pick up his little girl and, while cycling, asked

officers "in the event that there was a way to make his flight."