Hall of Fame Game 2022: Raiders and Jaguars clash today

NFL Preseason Begins Tonight

Football is at its last stop after being halted for 172 days. The last

time we saw an NFL game was in February when the Rams beat the

Bengals 23-20 in Super Bowl LVI. After nearly half a year has passed

without football, the NFL will return with a Hall of Fame game

between the Raiders and the Jaguars on a long Thursday night.

In fact, the Hall of Fame game isn't exactly as big as the Super Bowl,

yet it is the Super Bowl of pre-season games, which is why you should watch it.

Although most beginners won't be playing this evening, the game

will be worth watching anyway if with some stroke of luck to see

how each mentor handles their presentation game with their new

group. As for Las Vegas, Josh McDaniels will refer to his most

memorable game with the Raiders, having spent more than 10 seasons at the New England side.

Regarding Jacksonville, Doug Pedersen will guide his most

memorable game with the Jaguars and unless he plays a fool like

kicking his placekicker, he will have the group mile in front of where he was last year under Urban Meyer.