Kyle Edmund returns after two years

When ranked as high as the top 15, the British player was ranked as

Washington D.C. Been sidelined for a long time with various knee

medical procedures before returning to

Kyle Edmunds is once again a tennis player.

The 27-year-old from Great Britain, playing in the current week's ATP

event in Washington, DC, has been out of travel for nearly two years

with various knee medical procedures.

"It's very rewarding to be back," he told the site of the ATP Tour this

week. I was ready to clear all roads to go back.

"I didn't get a racket for five and a half years. I just needed to play tennis."

The Grand Slam semifinalist, who remained top 15 throughout his

career, slowly began his comeback, dipping his toe into the rivalry by

playing mixed duplicates at Wimbledon, then, at the time, billed for

the ATP challenger. fitted to. in Winnipeg

"I played three coordinates a week and gave up for a few successes,

so it was a reward. Bunch of encouraging points to remove," he said.