'Partner Track' is the best Netflix series after 'The Lincoln Lawyer'

There's just something so captivating about a decent legitimate

show. Aside from the fact that the seer gets a slip into the inner

workings of the law, we also know people who are planning a fight

for equity, and this is for the most part in spite of everything.

Netflix had made a ton of progress with its new hit, The Lincoln

Lawyer, which similarly revolved around a legal counsel battling for

equity as each obstacle was tossed in his direction. That series is a

festival of Los Angeles and is based on a murder mystery.

Although there is nothing special with the new Netflix series Partner

Tracks, there are still plenty of shows out there. It also has a lot of

humour, which makes it quite a barometer. The story is set against

the high-rise backdrop of New York City at the famous but old-

school law office, Parsons Valentine.

The 10-episode series, set in light of the original partner track by

Helen Wan, will debut on Netflix on August 26. It's almost a ten-hour

gorge, and certainly not a dull second as we follow Ingrid Yoon (Arden Cho). 

Is it more necessary to approach powerful people in their

professions or to follow the direct direction within them? Ingrid is

forced to make several decisions as she battles to climb the

companion track, and the excursion is fraught with a multitude of difficulties.