UFC 277: Derrick Lewis couldn't stand against Sergei Pavlovich

After heavyweights Derrick Lewis and Sergei Pavlovich fell down at

UFC 277, "The Black Beast" was looking to snap up a tragic fix in his local Texas.

5–2 in his last seven fights, Lewis was undoubtedly still a top

heavyweight—though he had lost two fights in Houston within a year.

Things didn't get better for Lewis on Saturday, this time not for a

speeding stop apparently by the referee.

Obviously, the group in Dallas did not warmly welcome Pavlovich of

Russia. Lewis, meanwhile, received a legend happily, yet it was

Pavlovich getting the better of Lewis in the opening trade. One right,

then one left ear, shook Lewis. Pavlovich followed suit, and grabbed

some extra right hands. Lewis went to his knees, though

immediately got back up, only to be greeted by referee Dan Miragliota, who waved to Ward.