Virgin River Season 4 Premiere:

It's the second Virgin River fans never suspected they'd get to see

and the second Jack never needed to see.

Presently spilling on Netflix, the show's 12-episode fourth season

starts off with Jack walking around an exceptionally pregnant Mel,

nonchalantly trading child name thoughts, including Catherine, Indiana and Jack Jr.

Then, at that point, she proceeds to say it: "We likewise need to think

about Mark." And not similarly as a name. "The child may be his,

recall?" Right on sign, in strolls Mel's dead ex, who recognizes Jack prior to hello Mel with a kiss.

The whole occurrence ends up being an illusion of Jack's creative

mind, an indication of his trepidation that Mel's child probably won't

be his. This ought to be clear for two reasons: (1) Mark is dead, and

(2) There's absolutely no chance Mel would be that far along given the speed at which this show creeps.

"Wasn't unreasonably entertaining?" Alexandra Breckenridge tells

TVLine of Mel's men meeting interestingly. "It was interesting to film,

as well, on the grounds that [Martin Henderson and Daniel Gillies]

have known one another from forever and a day prior. Yet, clearly they'd never cooperated on the show."